Working Towards a Mile a Day Posted by Sylvia 2638 days ago

Day 123: 4.6 miles in Edinburgh
Day 124: 6.1 miles in Edinburgh
Day 125: 4.2 miles in Edinburgh
Day 126: 1.3 miles in Sewardstone
Day 127: 1.6 miles in Waltham Abbey
Day 128: 2.2 miles in Potters Bar
Day 129: 1 mile in Potters Bar
Day 130: 0.9 miles at Eynsham Hall
Day 131: 1 mile in Oxford
Day 132-135: 0
Day 136: 1 mile in Potters Bar
Day 137-138: 0

Total Distance: 137.4 miles

I’ve been on the road and unable to update as regularly as I would have liked but I have done quite a bit of walking. I’m pleased to see that my total days and total distance are now almost equal. Now I just need to keep it up!

Meanwhile, Bilbo’s adventuring party is still walking around the Midgewater Marshes. I shall very much look forward to getting past this so that we can have some more interesting images. Mile 137 simply says “Camp. Marshes to the north are now closer to the road” which is hardly very inspiring.

Today’s image is a map of the Bree-land Midgewater Marshes created by Linda Carlson of The Brasse, a fan site for the Lord of the Rings online game. It makes it clear that it’s a fair distance to skirt around the marshes rather than pass through them.

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