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Weathertop by T. RuepingDay 188: 0 miles
Day 188: 0
Day 189: 1 mile in London
Day 190: 0
Day 191: 1 mile in Blackpool (photographs)
Day 192: 0
Day 193: 0.8 miles in Swansea
Day 194: 6.1 miles in Swansea (photographs)
Day 195: 0
Day 196: 2.2 miles in Swansea
Day 197-200: 0
Day 201: 1 mile in Potters Bar
Day 202: 0.9 miles in Potters Bar
Day 203-207: 0
Day 208: 1.2 miles in Mijas Costa
Day 209: 2.4 miles in Mijas Costa
Day 210: 1.5 miles in Mijas Costa
Day 211: 0
Day 212: 1.6 miles in Mijas Costa (photographs)
Day 213: 0 miles in Mijas Costa

Total Mileage: 191.9

I’ve been remiss about updating although I have still been walking in various locations around England and Wales as well as here at home on the coast. I’ve been taking my camera with me to take photographs to accompany the mileage. All in all I feel quite the traveller, even if I haven’t even come close to reaching Rivendell in total mileage.

My shoddy updating means we’ve missed a stop – at Mile 180 Bilbo and co. camped to see open, rough lands on both sides of the road and Weathertop visible ahead. By the next stop at Mile 190, the land is sloping uphill towards Weathertop, which I take to mean they have entered the Weather Hills.

Our image today is a wondrous view of Weathertop by Tara Rueping. It was created as concept art for the Turbine game, the Lord of the Rings Online. You can see more of her artwork on her gallery: ART OF T.RUEPING

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