Only Ruins Remained Posted by Sylvia 2551 days ago

Day 214: 0.8 miles
Day 215: 0.6 miles
Day 216: 2.5 miles
Day 217: 1 mile
Day 218: 0
Day 219: 1.6 miles
Day 220: 0
Day 221: 1 mile
Day 222: 0
Day 223: 1 mile
Day 224: 0
Total Distance: 200.4 miles
Distance Remaining: 196.6 miles

I’ve passed the halfway point! I have walked halfway to Rivendell! I’m stupidly happy about this.

After over 220 days of tracking the 200 miles that I have walked, I have only finally moved it onto the computer. I am now using a spreadsheet rather than scribbling notes each day of where I walked and working through them all when I thought I was near a waypoint. Yes, sometimes I’m a bit slow to think things through. Still, at least I have a system now.

Weathertop rises immediately north of the Road. Camp at its foot. Weathertop doesn’t feature in the Hobbit but later in the trilogy, Frodo recognises the camp from Bilbo’s memoirs. I loved this when I first read it, a feeling of shared recognition that really put me into the story.

This photograph was taken of a fallen tower in Ireland by LordSaddler on deviantART. The tower on the top of the hill reminded him of the description of Weathertop: “The Tower of Amon Sul was once tall and fair, but by the end of the Third Age only ruins remained.”

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