See the tops of the Trollshaws. Camp. Posted by Sylvia 2425 days ago

Day 319-323: 0 miles
Day 324: 1.2 miles
Day 325: 1.4 miles
Day 326: 1.7 miles
Day 327: 3.4 miles
Day 328: 1.2 miles
Day 329: 1.8 miles
Day 330: 2 miles
Day 331-333: 0 miles
Day 334: 1.7 miles
Day 335: 2.4 miles
Day 336: 2.4 miles
Day 337: 2.7 miles
Day 338-340: 0 miles
Day 341: 2.8 miles
Day 342: 2.6 miles
Day 343: 2.5 miles
Day 344: 0 miles
Day 345: 1.2 miles
Day 346-347: 0 miles
Day 348: 2.9 miles
Miles walked: 31.6
Total distance: 264.74 miles

I’m finally making progress again. This is to a great extent a result of putting visible weight on this year so every time I look in the mirror, I see what not exercising (and too much wine and cheese, obviously) do to me. A friend advised me to try the Nike sensor which works with my iphone. It’s a “coaching” app which gives me updates as I walk and it uploads to the Nike website to give me a clear view of my progress (mileage, pace, calories burned).

Also, mile 264 is an important one:

Continue east. Far behind, the Weather Hills show less and less. Ahead, company begins to see the tops of the Trollshaws. Camp.

The Trollshaws! The adventure is beginning! And along with that, a great set of images that I am looking forward to posting.

Today’s image is from the cover of Hillmen of the Trollshaws by Jeff McKeage, Peter C. Fenlon, John D. Ruemmler, a Middle Earth Role Playing guide.

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