Ahead, dark wooded hills appear higher. Posted by Sylvia 2407 days ago

Day 349: 3 miles
Day 350-355: 0 miles
Day 356: 3 miles
Day 357-360: 0 miles
Day 361: 3.1 miles
Day 362: 3.3 miles
Day 363: 3 miles
Day 364-367: 0 miles
Day 368: 2.8 miles

Mileage: 18.2
Total distance: 282.93 miles
Distance remaining to Rivendell: 114 miles

It has taken me some time to get back into the swing of things and I spent a week near death suffering with a cold so progress isn’t as good as I’d like.

It’s good to see that I walked 18 miles over 18 days, which puts me back in line with my original goal. Unfortunately with the time I lost, I don’t think I’ll ever get the journey back on track for to one mile per day again on average.

But I am making headway. It is strangely exciting as I compare my progress to Bilbo Baggins in the book.

He’s in wild country but the weather is good. According to The Hobbit: Bag End to Rivendell it is the 24th of May and he’s been following the dwarves for 28 days.

If I continue this past Rivendell, I’d love to match my next destination with the season in the book. But there’s no real point: they are ranging between 4 and 9 miles a day and it’s taken me just over a year to walk what they did in a month.

Mile 282: Continue east. Behind, Weather Hills have almost disappeared. Ahead, dark wooded hills appear higher. Camp.

The image is by Alan Lee.

Many of his Middle Earth prints are available at Artists UK.

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