Leave early and make haste Posted by Sylvia 2338 days ago

Day 410-417: 0 miles
Day 418: 3 miles
Day 419-421: 0 miles
Day 422: 1.6 miles
Day 423: 0 miles
Day 424: 3.2 miles
Day 425-428: 0 miles
Day 429: 1 mile
Day 430-31: 0 miles
Day 431: 0 miles
Day 432: 3.5 miles
Day 433: 0 miles
Day 434: 4.1 miles
Day 435: 3 miles
Day 436: 3.3 miles
Day 437: 0 miles
Total Distance: 358.5 miles

When I started this, it was easy to check for the waypoints and update the blog when the adventurer party had stopped to camp. Lately, I’ve been finding it much more difficult and I’ve been very frustrated that I always seem to be a couple of miles ahead or behind of the next clear update point. Only today have I realised that this is a direct result of my walking more. I was generally walking a mile, maybe two a day and it was easy to link up to the The Hobbit: Bag End to Rivendell mileage chart.

Now, when I walk it tends to be for three or four miles and I’m much more unlikely to land directly at one of the camp spots from the book.

I have enough stupid things in my life to stress about without this. I’m going to stop trying to match my mileage updates to an exact point on the route of the Hobbit and accept that I’m in the right general area for a campsite.

Although I am pretty excited at how close I am to my goal! Bilbo and Co have left the Trollshaws behind them and are going east through the woods. Bilbo doesn’t know it yet, but he will discover his own version of paradise within a couple of days. Based on previous updates, it will take me a couple of weeks. This entire journey has taken a lot longer than I expected (my original goal was to complete the walk in a year by averaging just over a mile a day) but it has been a fun way of tracking my walking over time, when it would otherwise have felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Fili and Kili Revealed in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – ComingSoon.net This image is one of the pre-release photos from the filming of The Hobbit. I always knew that Fili and Kili were much younger than the other dwarves, a generation apart. But I never really thought about what a young dwarf might look like. I think I might be a little bit in love with Kili (on the right) although he does have a slightly Elvish look to him, don’t you think?

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