I have reached Rivendell! Posted by Sylvia 2304 days ago

Day 444: 6 miles
Day 445: 4.5 miles
Day 446-453: 0 miles
Day 454: 1.2 miles
Day 455: 2.8 miles
Day 456: 3.3 miles
Day 457: 1.1 miles
Day 458: 0 miles
Day 459: 5.1 miles
Day 460: 1 miles
Day 461: 3.6 miles
Day 462: 0 miles
Day 463: 1.8 miles
Day 464: 3.6 miles
Day 465-467: 0 miles
Day 468: 1.5 miles
Day 469: 2 miles
Day 470-471: 0 miles

Total mileage: 411 miles
Total time: 471 days

Total distance to Rivendell: 397 miles

So, I’ve been busy and although I was noting my mileage, I didn’t have a chance to update the website. I completed my challenge almost two weeks ago but I have only just got around to updating the website.

THE HOBBIT: Bag End to Rivendell (397 Miles) has been a great motivator for tracking my mileage over five countries and helping me to see how it all adds up. So I’d like to continue it. I’ll count my final miles as quiet walks around the Last Homely House and start tomorrow at zero.

The next walk is 570 Miles, the distance that Bilbo travelled from from Rivendell to Lonely Mountain. Eowyn’s Challenge will remain my guide and I hope to complete this walk in less than 570 days!

Today’s image is fan art based on stills from the Lord of the Rings films which I found on Fanpop.com.

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