Climbing Steadily Posted by Sylvia 2293 days ago

Day 1: 4.3 miles
Day 2: 4.2 miles
Day 3: 6.3 miles
Day 4: 1.8 miles
Day 5-6: 0 miles
Day 7: 5.4 miles
Day 8-9: 0 miles
Day 10: 4.9 miles
Day 11: 2.7 miles
Total: 29.5 miles
Distance to the Lonely Mountain: 540 miles

I started off well and then came down with a horrible cold that knocked the wind out of my sails. I’m feeling much better now and looking at some interesting “Walking by Bus” routes in the Swansea Bay area. I found the leaflets at the Tourist Information Centre which includes the bus route, a circular walk with a list of highlights and information about refreshments at the location. What a great idea!

Meanwhile, Bilbo and the dwarves have left fair Rivendell and are following Gandalf into the Misty Mountains. Bilbo is on a pony so he has a definite advantage. The party have been travelling at a rate of four miles per day and I’ve been trying to keep up with them. They have passed the foothills and are climbing steadily. Soon, the thunder will begin and they will seek shelter in a cave.

Today’s image is called Far over the Misty Mountains and was done by by Leonid Kozienko who is on deviantART as agnidevi

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