Warg Attack! Posted by Sylvia 2202 days ago

Day 53-58: 0 miles
Day 59: 3.7 miles
Day 60: 2.9 miles
Day 61: 3.1 miles
Day 62-68: 0 miles
Day 69: 6 miles
Day 70-76: 0 miles
Day 77: 1.7 miles
Day 78-85: 0 miles
Day 86: 3.6 miles
Day 87: 2 miles
Day 88-92: 0 miles
Day 93: 1.7 miles
Day 94-98: 0 miles
Day 98: 0.8 miles
Day 99: 0 miles
Day 100: 0 miles
Day 101: 2 miles
Day 102: 2.8 miles
Total walked: 139 miles

30 miles in 50 days. Ouch, I suck. I’ve really been bad lately about walking – partially just because I’ve been busy and partially because the weather isn’t quite so nice in November in Wales. But I’m supposed to at least keep up a ratio of a mile a day and I haven’t even done that. And then I wonder why I put so much weight on lately. ARGH!

December will be different. I promise.

Meanwhile, the route to Lonely Mountain is full of adventure! The dwarves threatened to leave Bilbo behind but he snuck up wearing the magic ring and they were so impressed at his sneakiness and Tookishness that they felt bad for ever doubting him (although Gandalf certainly suspected that something was up). And then…

“Clearing. Hear wolves. Climb trees. WARG ATTACK. Eagles Rescue.”

I love the eagle scene – in fact I can’t wait to see how they do that in the film. Woohoo! I’m flying! The next few miles should be easy, right?

I found today’s image by “Jackdaw” on ImagineFX – Winners of the Weekly MYFX Forum Challenges. It was the winner of the MYFX Challenge #72 “The Hobbit” in 2008.

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