Eagles take Company to their Eyrie. Sleep there. Posted by Sylvia 2128 days ago

December-Jan: 5 miles
Day 171 (07 Feb): 1.8 miles
Day 172: 0 miles
Day 173: 3.8 miles
Day 174: 0 miles
Day 175: 3.2 miles
Day 176: 5.1 miles

As you can see, I’ve not been very consistent lately. It isn’t quite as bad as it looks because I joined a gym, so I’ve been doing ellipticals and strength exercies and a bit of treadmill. If you use Fitocracy, feel free to add me!

However, I have decided that I’d like to be walking more. I’m spending a lot of time in Swansea at the moment and really, I’d like to see more of the Gower Peninsula. So I’ve decided that I’d like to walk the Gower Coast Road and the Gower Way – or something approximating it, anyway – starting from the Swansea marina.

I started today: First Leg

As you can see, I meandered a bit. I went into town to buy a sandwich to have as a picnic lunch. Then I went into Clyne Gardens (Interesting Features of Clyne Gardens – City and County of Swansea) to eat said sandwich in the rain.

Meanwhile, in The Hobbit, the Eagles have arrived to rescue the party from the wargs. Bilbo Baggins is currently sleeping in the eagles’ eyrie. The next leg is 52 miles which Bilbo will fly (well, be flown) and I have to walk. That seems rather unfair!

Today’s image of Bilbo and the Eagle was by JRR Tolkien himself.

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