On Forest Trail in Mirkwood. Posted by Sylvia 1831 days ago

So, my total distance since my last update is…

473.6 kilometres. That’s 294 miles.

I’m pretty stunned at that.

I’ve taken up running (well, maybe better defined as really fast walking) and that’s clearly made a big difference to my mileage.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating the blog over the past months. The problem is that I use Runkeeper on my iPhone now and it tracks everything for me. By taking the work out of the process, it took away a lot of the motivation for updating this blog, as I’m no longer adding up the figures myself and then looking for someone to share the result with.

I’m trying to think of a good way to watch for waypoints and update as I hit important story points so that my walk across Middle Earth gets irregular updates at least.

As of my last update, the Eagles had picked up Bilbo and his friends and carried them to the Eyrie. That was 41 miles along the route to the Lonely Mountain. Since then, based on my mileage over the year, the party has gone to Beorn’s house and begun their ride through Mirkwood.

I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve not even reached the next good plot point yet but I had to admit, I had no idea how long they walked through Mirkwood before getting into trouble (19 days at 7 miles a day for 143 miles). And I’m rather relieved to see I’ve made it through the bulk of that – if I was still updating once a month, it would have been rather depressing trying to find a dozen good photographs of Mirkwood in order to announce “I’m still on the path.”

Next stop is the Enchanted River.

Today’s photograph is from the excellent Kingdom of Mirkwood Tourist Board website.

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